352 Inshore Charters offers private fishing charters in Horseshoe Beach, FL. Capt. Matthew Cowart, a fourth generation local, focuses on the customers having a unique fishing experience by using his knowledge of the inshore species and fish patterns.

The fishing charters come with experienced fishermen to help guide you throughout the trip. The professionals at 352 Inshore can make sure that you get the most in-depth experience possible. They have a lot of knowledge about the different types of fish you may see, including cobia, redfish, tripletail and snook. The charters are known for big catches, which makes them the best in the business. 352 Inshore wants everyone to have the best experience so, we do have a no catch, no pay policy.

To accommodate everyone’s needs, we provide top-of-the-line equipment needed during the fishing trip. If you are an experienced fisherman and would like to bring your own equipment or amenities, you are able to do so, too. Don’t worry if you aren’t an experienced fisherman. The private charters are also great for beginners. The crew will guide you through the process, while giving you room to learn and allow you experience something new. We offer technical poling skiffs and flat boats for the charters.

352 Inshore will give you a diverse fishing experience unlike any other. The islands around Horseshoe Beach are scattered down with mangrove banks and spartan grass. You will really be able to experience Florida at its best since the area is still very untouched, which is the best way to experience the Florida waters.

Shrimp Boat

When on vacation, it is important to dine and drink in a restaurant that will give you an amazing experience. Shrimp Boat is a place to be. They sell the freshest shrimp at an affordable price. They also serve crab meat, crabs and clams. Apart from its delicious menu, it serves as an outdoor bar with a beer tap full of local brews. During your vacation to Horseshoe Beach, this is the best local place to dine.

Sailfish Beach Resort

If you are looking to stay directly on the Gulf, Sailfish Beach Resort is a great option. The fully-furnished rooms come with kitchens and patios that open up right onto the beach so you’re just steps away.